Pie Day for 4-H Club Members

by Katie Jeffries on January 18, 2010 at 10:03 am

Students at John Glenn have a cure to your sweet tooth.

Sunday was the 8th Annual Pie Day at Ohio Pottery on East Pike for John Glenn High School 4-H club members.

"We sell them to raise money for our horse show and to help pay for different things, expenses for our club and so far we have been really successful this year, we have sold 52 pies," tells Sammantha Kitchen, the president of the 4-H Club.

That is almost double the amount of pies sold last year. A person could buy a slice of pie for a $1.75 or an entire pie for $8. New this year, for $20, a person could buy a pie in an original stone pan. The majority of pies are homemade and organizers say people often buy more than one pie at a time.

"Usually they are like really happy, and they are really appreciative of the quality of the pies and they are really happy to help out," tells Kitchen.

Kitchen says she doesn’t have a monetary goal for the event, but every dollar raised will help the club.


Katie Jeffries