Prosecutor Meets with County

by Kelly Mills on January 11, 2010 at 10:09 am

Also, meeting with Muskingum County Commissioners Monday was Prosecutor Mike Haddox.

Commissioner John Bates says the Prosecutor’s Office was one of the county agencies that cut back last year, when others did not.

"We asked most departments to freeze the salaries and the wages and not spend anymore than they had to, so they did turn some money back in at the end of the year and we’re very glad of that and there was some that went ahead and gave their employees raises," says Bates.

Employees at the Prosecutor’s Office did not get raises last year. In 2010, Haddox is asking for a three-percent-increase. Bates says it’s something the commissioners will discuss.

"Once we go through every department head or every elected official on their budget, we’ll see where everybody’s kind of wish list is and the commissioners will go back through and review everything and then probably go back to them one more time and see what they can actually do ," he says.

Bates says most cuts this year will be in denials of salary increases. He says the commissioners ultimate goal is to be fiscally sound in 2011, so that there are no lay-off’s of county employees.