Residents Have Mixed Feelings About Winter

by Katie Jeffries on January 9, 2010 at 6:31 am

The cold winter has Jack Frost nipping at the nose of many residents in our area.

With last week’s heavy dose of snow, many residents have mixed opinions about the winter season.

"Oh it is not too bad, I don’t mind it, I think it is pretty," says Ruth Thompson.

"Well it has, it has good points and it’s bad, but I will be glad when summer is back," tells Tery Callihan.

Kenny Hill says when he was a kid he loved the snow, but now that he is older he finds it dangerous and costly, especially for drivers.

"You just have to be careful and slow down, you know a lot of people drive too fast," says Kenny Hill.

Students throughout Southeastern Ohio got a day off school last week due to heavy snow and Tri-Valley student, Jade Crawford, says getting out of school is one of her favorite parts of winter.

"I enjoy the snow because you can spend time with your families, go to the movies, go shopping," says Crawford.

Chilly temperatures are also keeping some counties in our area under snow emergencies this weekend:

Muskingum County- Code Green

Perry County- Level 2 Snow Emergency

Coshocton County- Level 1 Snow Emergency

Morgan County- Level 2 Snow Emergency

Noble County- Level 1 Snow Emergency