Satellite Technology Re-Maps Flood Plain

by Katie Jeffries on January 29, 2010 at 6:58 am

New technology is helping residents see if their homes are at risk during a flood.

Satellite technology from FEMA is re-mapping which homes sit in the flood plain. The new technology is much more accurate and the Muskingum County Building Department is estimating as many 600 more structures will now be considered part of the flood plain.

"There are several structures that are going into the flood plain that were never in the flood plain under the old mapping method, which means these structures are now required to have insurance, flood insurance,e if there is a mortgage on them," says Chief Building Official, Jim Waymer.

Structures which were previously inside the flood plain are now on the outside. Houses which do not have a mortgage and are outside the flood plain are not required to carry flood insurance. Waymer says that saved one home owner more than $3,200 a year. But with this re-mapping, home owners need to be aware of possible changes in their insurance rates.

"If the structure is insured 30 days before the effective date in july then the rate the premium rate for the flood insurance will be much less than if it is insured after the date," says Waymer.

The new technology will go into effect July 6th.  To find out where your home stands on the flood plain call the building department at (740) 455-7905 ext. 1.


Katie Jeffries