Sledding Can Send Kids To ER

by Katie Jeffries on January 8, 2010 at 5:37 am

With around four inches of snow on the ground, many kids are hitting the slopes, but that means more kids are showing up in the ER with injuries.

David Davis the Director of Emergency Services at Genesis-Good Samaritan Hospital says the emergency room sees predominantly foot and leg injuries from sledding. But he says he has seen more serious injuries when kids ride sleds down a hill head first.

"There are fatalities every year across the country from sledding accidents from crashing into stuff or sliding under a car, so just be careful where you are sledding and be aware that they really go fast when there is some snow," says Davis.

It is recommended that parents supervise their children and make sure the sledding path is safe.

"I think you have really got to look where they are sledding and look at the run out area, and understand that you are probably going to be attracted to trees and buildings and when you launch off a sled have some place to run out and not stop with a tree," tells Davis.

Also do not use a plastic sheet or any other type of material that could be pierced by rocks or sticks as a sled. It is also recommended that all sleds have a steering mechanism and young children wear helmets to be safe.



Katie Jeffries