Stocking up for Storm

by Ashley Drane on January 7, 2010 at 12:47 pm

People flooded the local grocery stores today to stock up and prepare for the snow that’s falling.

Pick n Save was having a hard time keep their shevles stocked.

"We are trying to beat the storm and they have a great meat sale going on. Plus I needed milk and bread and juice just extra things to pick up to stay at home for the next three days," Local Shopper Cindy Coburn Local said.

People weren’t just getting food, but salt, shovels, blankets, and batteries so they don’t have to go out in the snow. Cindy has no plan on leaving the house this weekend.

"No we’re stuck at home, it snows, I’m done. I don’t even go out. I shovel that’s about it," Coburn said.

Another local woman says you can never be too prepared because you never know when you might get snowed in.