Strickland Approval Rating Dropping

by Emily Baird on January 25, 2010 at 6:32 am

While it’s only January, the race for Ohio Governor is on, and a recent poll is indicating that Governor Ted Strickland’s approval rating is dropping. It shows that 51 percent of Ohioans would most likely vote for Republican John Kasich, with 45 percent backing Strickland, and five percent undecided.

Ohio University-Zanesville Assistant Political Professor, Jared Farley, says the main reason Strickland is trailing is because of the economy.

"Strickland is kind of out of control of the economy. He doesn’t have that much input into what’s going on economically in the state of Ohio because so much of what happens here follows national trends, " says Farley.

Farley says Strickland also angered some liberals when he talked about cutting funds to education and libraries in order to help balance the state budget, and Farley thinks it may be enough to give Republicans a boost in the November election.

"Historically, it has almost always been true that the party of power that loses that White House will come back in the midterm elections, both at the national level and the state level…better than the party that captures the White House, " says Farley.

Strickland announced Yvette McGee Brown as his running mate last week. Farley says this choice could help or hurt him. He says McGee isn’t really a high-profile Democratic politician, but she could help bring in some minority votes.