Student Brings Knife To School

by Katie Jeffries on January 23, 2010 at 5:39 am

A seventh grade student is being suspended after bringing a knife to school.

The Coordinator of Operations and Student Services, Kevin Appleman, says the male student brought a pocket-knife to Roosevelt Middle School on Tuesday. Appleman says Principal James Leer dealt with the situation as soon as it was brought to his attention.

"At that time we went to the student, he turned it over, not any problem whatsoever.  In our district if you bring a weapon to school we do a 10 day suspension and that is what the young man has," tells Appleman.

The student is also facing a possible expulsion. The superintendent’s office is still investigating, but Appleman says no students were ever in danger and the student did not have a history of problems at the school. Appleman says parents need to be aware of the rules in the student handbook and keep a close eye on what their children bring into school.

"Try to let parents know to make sure to check your child’s book bags, pockets and everything before they leave the house, that helps us," tells Appleman.

The Zanesville Police Department School Resource Officer will meet with the county prosecutor to see if criminal charges will be filed.



Katie Jeffries