Tips for Getting Financial Aide

by Katie Jeffries on January 29, 2010 at 11:38 am

With high school seniors applying for college, a big concern for many families is financial aide.

Tri-Valley High School Counselor, Judy Morgan, says every student needs to apply for the help.

"FAFSA is the key, it determines your federal aide, it determines whether you are eligible for work study, it determines how much the institution, say Zane State-OUZ, Mount Vernon can offer you and that is primarily need based how your income effects it," says Judy Morgan.

Hitting FAFSA deadlines are very important. Ohio State University’s main campus deadline for FAFSA is February, so Morgan suggests students and parents work on it immediately. She says parents are often intimidated by the form, but there will be a workshop open to the community February 14th at Zane State College. At the workshop, parents can sit down with a financial director and complete the form together. The FAFSA form is only available at the link listed above. Morgan says to beware of fake websites that try to charge for the FAFSA form.

If students or parents are looking to cut college costs, staying local is one option.

"Look at staying local for two years, go to your branch, go to your community college, just work closely with your counselor there and the counselor of the school you hope to transfer to.  Ohio now has a transfer module so if you take classes in that transfer module, the courses you take if you stay locally should transfer without any problem to your other school," tells Morgan.

Morgan says students who stay local save around $10,000 a year. She also suggests students get in touch with the financial aide offices at the schools they are applying to. For students looking for scholarships or college information, there will be a college night March 25th at Zane State-OUZ Campus.


Katie Jeffries