Weather Experts Say Worst Winter in 25 Years

by Emily Baird on January 10, 2010 at 8:07 am

The snow and the cold weather are having a major presence across southeastern Ohio and much of the US this winter.

In fact, weather experts say it could be the worst winter the country has experienced in more than 25 years, but Ohio University-Zanesville Dean James Fonseca says you need to look at the overall picture.

"This has been a relatively cool year overall. If you remember back to summer, i think we set some type of record for fewest number of days above 90, " says Fonseca.

Cooler temperatures throughout the middle of summer made it one of the coldest July’s on record.

Fonseca says weather experts aren’t exactly sure why this trend is happening, but he says heat from the sun may be contributing because it helps air masses to move around.

"Sometimes those air masses that are getting moved around are cool and sometimes they’re warm. So, we can get greater extremes in warmth and coldness, greater winds, and greater extremes in wetness and dryness, " says Fonseca.

Fonseca says as far as he can tell, no oceanic patterns-such as El Nino or La Nina, are playing a role in this winter’s weather pattern.