Zanesville Church Helping Haiti

by Katie Jeffries on January 29, 2010 at 11:37 am

A local church with a connection to Haiti is looking for the community’s help.

The North Terrace Church of Christ supports Lifeline Christian Mission which runs ministries and helps the people of Haiti, El Salvador, Honduras, Cuba and the US. Now North Terrace Church of Christ is collecting supplies needed for victims of the haitian earthquake.

"They are in need of food some of the things that we are collecting are jars of peanut butter and canned meats. Peanut butter is an incredible resource for the Haitians because peanut butter has an incredible amount of protein so we can give a jar of peanut butter to a Haitian family and they will get protein not only for the adults of the family, but for the children as well," tells Danny Harp the Associate Minister at North Terrace Church of Christ.

Harp says one of the major needs right now are medical supplies such as rubbing alcohol or over the counter medicines. North Terrace and lifeline will accept any of the items listed below.

Food- Peanut butter, canned or foiled meats, powdered infant formula

Clothing and shoes for children

Medical Supplies- dressings, gauze, surgical supplies, gloves, tape, peroxide

Over the Counter Medications

Linens- twin size sheets, towels, blankets in good conditions

Harp and other members of the congregation have traveled to Haiti through Lifeline Christian Mission and he says it is tough to watch the footage coming from Haiti.

"It is really difficult because I have been there, I can associate with it, I know what it is like on a regular basis and it is just deplorable conditions and I can’t imagine now on top of all that having to deal with the aftermath of an earthquake such as they have experienced," says Harp.

Donations made for Haiti after the earthquake and before the end of this month are considered tax-deductible for 2009 taxes. Donations can be dropped off to the North Terrace Church of Christ everyday before 5:00 p.m.



Katie Jeffries