Accidents and Cars Off Road on I-70

by Katie Jeffries on February 15, 2010 at 4:56 am

The heavy snow Monday afternoon is the cause of several accidents and cars running off the road.

At points during the snow storm, drivers could only see about 30 feet in front of their vehicles.  Ron Metzung was driving on I-70 when he says his tires caught black ice.

"The back side of my van was just sliding out to the left side of me and I managed to get control of it, but obviously not too good and I am not hurt and the van doesn’t seem to be hurt and thank god I didn’t hit anybody else," says Metzung.

The road itself could barely be seen under the snow. Cars were scattered off the sides of the road and required tow trucks to get out. One car lost control and ended up on its top near the Gratiot exit on I-70.  Metzung says the roads were in terrible condition.

"Yea they are not in the best shape at all and especially when they knew this was coming too, I have seen two other people do it (spin out)  since I have been here, there is another vehicle in the median right behind here.  It is terrible," tells Metzung.

If you find yourself sliding on the roads never hit your brakes. Try to steer out of it and get yourself to the side of the road.



Katie Jeffries