Are Furloughs An Option For Zanesville

by Audry Kensicki on February 23, 2010 at 7:40 am

With only five weeks until the final 2010 budget for the City of Zanesville must be in place, council Monday decided furloughs may officially be an option.

An ordinance passed allowing council the authorization to implement a furlough system.

"Should council take one of the options that include furlough days, and should the bargaining units and volunteers and so forth come forth and contract with the administration to accept the furlough days, then and only then it authorizes the treasurer to affect their paychecks so that it would be drawn over the rest of the calendar year," said Zanesville Mayor Howard Zwelling.

The temporary budget allowed for 13 furlough days, but the mayor offered three different plans with smaller amounts of the unpaid days off.

"Some of the options that i gave city council had five, four and three furlough days," he said. "Maybe none if they use all the fire funds that they transferred to a contingency fund. So they have some choices."

Workers within Water and Sewer, office holders and classified workers will not be included in the furloughs, if they are implemented.

Mayor Zwelling is asking those who are in those groups that are interested in donating an amount of their pay equal to that of the furlough decision to contact his office at 455-0603.