Aspirin May Help Breast Cancer Patients

by Katie Jeffries on February 24, 2010 at 6:23 am

There is a promising new study on the horizon for breast cancer patients.

The study led by Harvard researchers of around 4,000 nurses found that those who took aspirin had a 50% lower risk of dying from breast cancer and a 50% lower risk that the cancer would spread.

"Those invitro studies did show there is definitely a response, because it is believed now that breast cancer or other types of cancer have more of an inflammatory component," tells Dr. Roopa Srikantiah an Oncologist for Genesis-Good Samaritan Hospital.

Breast cancer secretes prostoglandins and aspirin may decrease the production of those substances, thereby decreasing the cancer’s invasiveness. The study is in its very early stages, but Dr. Srikantiah says it is something she would like her patients to come in and talk about.

"I think it is very exciting news, so women may want to consider starting the aspirin just for that reason alone, but I think right now it is a little to early to say that is definitely the main way of preventing or decreasing the risk for recurring distant metastases.  But I think if they are already on it for other causes they should continue," says Dr. Srikantiah.

Dr. Srikantiah says this study should not take away from standard therapy, but it may be something to look to in the future.


Katie Jeffries