“Best of Zanesville” Has Tribute to Michael Jackson

by Emily Baird on February 13, 2010 at 9:03 am

This is the third year for the "Best of Zanesville" show, held at Secrest Auditorium, but the number of acts is growing, and there’s some fresh new faces taking the stage.

10-year-old Jocee Janiski was performing a few songs, but there was once in particular she says she was really looking forward to.

"I love doing a piece with my mom because I love my mommy, " says Janiski.

There was also a special tribute to Michael Jackson. 20-year-old Rachel Parker was part of a group that sang some of pop-icon’s most popular tunes. She says being a part of this piece was very important to her.

"I guess because I’ve been singing since I was a kid. My mom and grandma really liked me to sing and my dad. So, it’s kind of stuck, " says Parker.

The night was full of special acts for everyone, including singing, dancing, and even some yo-yo tricks.