Bowl for Kids Sake

by Ashley Drane on February 16, 2010 at 11:42 am

The 26th Annual Bowl for Kids Sake is coming up and there’s a way you can get involved.

It’s the Big Brothers Big Sisters largest fundraiser and now is the time to get a team together. Get a team of up to five people together and support the Bowl for Kids Sake.

"It’s very easy to get involved with bowl for kids sake. This is my favorite fundraising event because I think cause it doesn’t cost the company or business anything. You just have to get permission from your employers to form a team you get five friends or family members together to form your team and we as big brothers big sisters set you a fundraising goal as 100 dollars per adult 50 per student," Development Coordinator Sarah Browning said.

Browning said it’s all for the kids and it’s about coming out and having a good time. She says it’s important to form a team now so you have time to reach your 100 or 50 dollar goal. She said there are different ways to do that like selling raffle tickets and online fundraising like social networking. Browning told WHIZ news that the money raised goes to making lasting Big Brother Big Sister matches

"We really like to make that a successful mentoring program that will last through the years so that we can really make a difference in that child’s life," Browning said.

If you don’t want to bowl there are other ways you can support them but donating door prizes, sponsoring a little brother or sister to bowl, hang a sign in the bowling alley to advertise your business, or you can even sponsor a team and give them a donation. The event is March 24th through the 28th. For more information call Big Brothers Big Sisters at 453-7300 or stop down at their building at 7th and Main.