Busy Day for Emergency Crews

by Katie Jeffries on February 5, 2010 at 8:26 am

It is a busy day for emergency crews in our area.

Car accidents, cars running off the road and cars rolling over have kept law enforcement running from accident to accident Friday. Ohio State Highway Patrol Sergeant Mike Warner says the accidents can come from a combination of factors.

"People don’t pay attention, they don’t leave soon enough, they don’t allow enough room between vehicles and compensate for the slippery roads and they really need to slow down and leave early to get where they are going," says Sgt. Mike Warner.

An ADT van going west on I-70 lost control on slippery roads near New Concord and went into the ditch and flipped. The driver had to be taken to Good Samaritan Hospital by the Perry Township EMS.

"He had no visible injuries, I don’t know if he hand anything internal or not," says Sgt. Warner.

Sgt. Warner suggest residents stay home Friday night and off the roads.



Katie Jeffries