Car Dealerships Warming Cars

by Emily Baird on February 8, 2010 at 5:53 am

Car dealerships are trying to warm up their cars and to keep them in good condition.

A mixture of a significant snowfall and low’s falling below zero last night caused a lot of car engines to run around town throughout the day.

"First off, we make sure they have plenty of gas in them-plenty of fuel. We try to start them very periodically to make sure the batteries are up and running. Then basically it’s starting them, letting them warm up, and getting the windshield defrosted. Then, of course, start removing the snow from the vehicles, " says Dutro New Car Sales Manager, Dav Wallace.

Wallace says employees use special snow brooms that are made of styrofoam, so they don’t damage paint on the cars.

Dutro also had the challenge of clearing the snow from its lots.

"Scraping the main driveways in the lot, putting salt down to make sure everything is safe, and then if someone’s interested in a car, we’ll actually dig it out of the snow if necessary, " says Wallace.

Wallace says he has noticed that the weather has hindered sales slightly.