College Goal Sunday

by Katie Jeffries on February 14, 2010 at 9:10 am

Parents and students all around Ohio came out in record numbers  for "College Goal Sunday".

At Zane State College, 87 families attended and received important information on FAFSA.

"It is a free event for families to come and get free assistance from all sorts of financial aid professionals as well as other college personnel.  We have some high school students here volunteering today, all sorts of volunteers just to get their FAFSA filled out," says Amanda Reisinger.

Reisinger says people often find FAFSA intimidating because it involves taxes. But they had professionals walk the families through the form. For students needing financial aid, filing out the FAFSA form correctly is very important.

"Essentially no student could get any financial aid from the federal government or state government without the form filled out and a lot of institution aid from different colleges require a FAFSA on file as well," says Reisinger.

Reisinger says if you couldn’t make it and have FAFSA questions, contact the financial aid office at your future school. The professionals there can often give guidance and answer any questions.



Katie Jeffries