County Plows Battling Roads

by Emily Baird on February 9, 2010 at 6:17 am

Muskingum County plows are working on the roadways too, and County Engineer, Doug Davis, says it has been hard keeping up with the snow.

He says his office is using a different plan of attack with this storm than it did with last week’s.

"One thing that’s really tough to explain is every snow is different. The surface temperature is different. The flakes of the snow are different, where it was really heavy and this is more powdery. So, it’ll blow, and it will drift more than the snow did last week, " says Davis.

The county has been both salting and plowing the roads to help keep them clear, but snowplow drivers are running into some problems themselves.

"We’ve got trouble with windshield wipers. They’re stripping on the motors. We’re having trouble with windshield wiper motors themselves. That’s been the biggest thing, visibility for our guys, " says Davis.

Davis is asking motorists to be patient. Crews are working as quickly as possible to clear the roadways. He says they are running into the same problem the city is…there’s no place to put the snow.