CPR Recertification

by Emily Baird on February 24, 2010 at 3:19 am

It can happen anywhere and to anyone, but would you know what to do in someone’s heart stopped beating or if that person stopped breathing?

The Muskingum Valley Red Cross says everyone should know how to perform CPR, even if they can’t physically do it.

"CPR isn’t just you take it one time and it’s good forever. You need to renew it every year. It’s a very easy thing to do. People are embarrassed about having to get down on the floor and beat up on a mannequin, but it is an easy process. It’s just a very simple thing that someone can learn to save a life, " says Julie Davis of the Muskingum Valley Red Cross.

There is one age recommendation. Those attending the class should be at least 12-years-of-age.

"If they’re too young to comprehend the technique, we talk about how you call for an ambulance or how do you call for help, " says Davis.

The Muskingum Valley Red Cross offers monthly CPR classes. To see what’s available, visit www.muskingumvalleyredcross.org.