Crunch Time for Future College Students

by Audry Kensicki on February 23, 2010 at 4:51 am

As March approaches, the time for students to finalize their college plans draw near.

And, for many students, college can be one of their biggest expenses.

That’s why the Muskingum County Community Foundation is offering four scholarships to help.

One is the Bucci-Dietz Scholarship.

"That is available to those who plan to major in art in college or current college students majoring in art may apply," said College Access Advisor Terry Kopchak. "Also the Josephine Sebolt scholarships, which is for first time college students. They can be current high school seniors or they can be students who didn’t go to college right away and decided to go back."

The other two scholarships are the Carolyn Wiener Scholarship, which is available to those who are facing extraordinary challenges in their lives and the Muskingum County Democrat Club Scholarship, available to those who plan to persue a career in the public arena.

"It is crunch time. March is traditionally the busiest month for scholarship applications," said Kopchak. "But in addition to these four scholarships we also have numerous other scholarship applications that we distribute here from the scholarship central program."

Each scholarship has a different deadline. For more information on how you can apply go to