Day of Dance Promotes Heart Health

by Katie Jeffries on February 27, 2010 at 5:37 am

Genesis Healthcare System is hoping residents will dance their way to good heart health.

The Day of Dance brought people to the Colony Square Mall in crowds to get free screenings, speak with physicians and watch the foot-tapping dance performances. With heart disease being the leading cause of death in the united states… Hospitals across the country initiated a day of dance to get people active.

"We know that it helps improve your heart health in many ways, not only in your cholesterol, but weight loss in many ways it makes it safer for you regarding your cardio vascular system," says Dr. Eduardo Jorge a cardiothoracic Surgeon at Genesis.

Awareness and prevention is key to fighting heart problems, so Genesis offered free screenings for blood pressure, body mass index, cardiac risk assessment and a lipid and glucose profile. People with questions could sit down and have a consultation with a cardiologist.

"It really makes a difference that you can actually come out here and get a screening and actually talk to a cardiologists or one of the physicians here, you know, so that one-on-one with physicians is something we really enjoy that we can bring to the community," says Genesis Public Relations spokeswoman, Holly Voltz.

Of course it couldn’t be a day of dance without the children and adults from dance studios throughout the area showing some of their best moves and proving you can dance at any age.  Dr. Jorge says getting children active when they are young will carry over into their adult life and help them say healthy. For adults, there are warning signs if you may have a heart problem.

"Well if you are having shortness of breath, chest pressure when you exert yourself and sometimes when you don’t exert yourself, that is certainly a warning sign that you should see your doctor," says Dr. Jorge.

The event was completely free to the public and as the event promoted, ‘sometimes good health is just a dance away.’


Katie Jeffries