Domestic Violence Up in Winter

by Emily Baird on February 17, 2010 at 6:58 am

Most local residents say they’re sick of the snow, and it’s even causing people to develop "cabin fever."

Yet, conditions like these can also bring about more cases of domestic violence.

"People are cooped up. The kids are home from school and tempers flare a little easier. It’s not like you can go outside and garden or go outside and take a walk. So, they might have to do some more creative activities to reduce that, " says Response Victim Assistance program director, Janie Malloy.

It’s hard to determine exactly what causes domestic violence to occur because Malloy says anything can trigger the incident, and it’s also difficult to prevent.

"The victim can’t do anything. It’s the perpetrator that needs to be taught different life tools," says Victim Advocate Karen Kline.

If you notice someone who is suffering from domestic violence, contact Response Victim Assistance at 740-454-6001.