Don’t Lose Your Pet

by Katie Jeffries on February 21, 2010 at 7:59 am

A lost pet can be a stressful situation for many families.

With roughly 75 million pet canines in the United States, losing Fido can happen quite a bit. But there are steps owners can take to keep their pets on their property and out of harms way. Such as using a radio fence that is buried underground, but transmits a signal to the dogs collar.

"It doesn’t let them run off, it is good for neighbors and it keeps them in your yard. Obviously on the busy streets or highways it keeps them in your yard so they can’t get out," says Mike Lones the owner of the Underground Fence Company.

Lones says his company does training with the family and the pet. Also, he says the collar will not harm the dog.

"The receivers have 10 different levels of correction power, so whether you have the smallest or the largest we can adjust the receiver for each individual dog," says Lones.

It is also recommended that pets have micro-chips so if they are picked up by animal shelters or rescue organizations they can be returned to their owners quickly.



Katie Jeffries