E-Books May Be Coming to Muskingum County

by Emily Baird on February 23, 2010 at 5:23 am

As technology advances, people are finding they can get almost anything off the Internet, and the Muskingum County Library System is noticing that more people are wanting to read books from their computers.

"Following the holidays, we had several inquiries from customers who have indicated an interest in being able to download e-books at their public library, " says Public Information Officer, Blair Tom.

A member of the library’s staff recently attended the American Library Association Conference in Boston and brought back three potential e-book vendors for the library to use, and Tom says the library will make a decision on who it could go with, within the month.

Tom says he doesn’t believe e-books will hurt the library.

"Well, in a public library, we believe the book still has a lot of life left in it. However, the goal is for people to read. How they read is evolving along with the kinds of tools they use to read. So, we think it’s just another way to attract an audience that may not be motivated to read otherwise, " says Tom.

Tom says the library is hoping to move forward with the project and have it up and running within the year.