Economic Development Summit in Perry County

by Katie Jeffries on February 26, 2010 at 5:35 am

To help small business and entrepreneurs in Perry County the Chamber of Commerce, New Lexington Mayor and State Senator Tim Schaffer held an economic development summit.

The purpose of the economic development summit is to make sure small business owners have all the information they need to grow their business. State Senator Schaffer says the recession has been ‘devastating’ to Perry County and he wanted to see the experts in small business development meet and give advice to actual Perry County business owners.

"So I thought it was very important that when people are hurting most, people are losing jobs, they may have an idea of a job they can do or a business that they can start, if you don’t know where to turn we need these experts to come here and help us out," says State Senator Tim Schaffer.

Schaffer says this is the 5th economic summit that has been held in Perry County. One of the hot topics is the lack of capital. A problem mentioned by Governor Ted Strickland when he visited Muskingum County Thursday. So a large part of Friday’s economic development summit focused on financing and incentives.

"The whole capital investment economy has been tightened up with this recession and certainly the crisis on Wall Street, but there is still capital out there and if we can hook up some of these folks up together that is great," says Schaffer.

The event was free to the public. Schaffer says the experts are paid with tax payer dollars so he wanted to bring them out to help the small businesses in Perry County.



Katie Jeffries