Emergency Shelter Set Up

by Katie Jeffries on February 6, 2010 at 3:46 am

For those without power and heat, these cold temperatures can be a health hazard.

So the Salvation Army, Red Cross and Emergency Management Agency teamed up to open a comfort station at the Salvation Army on Putnam Avenue. The comfort station is open to anyone in the public needing food or a warm place to stay.

"Just whatever they need you know we will try to provide for them whatever we can. We will have the blankets for them, if they need to take blankets then we can provide that too," says Joyce Krouskoupf with the Salvation Army.

The comfort station will also set up cots if people need to stay overnight. The Salvation Army members say it is designated as an emergency site for weather and disasters, so they are fully prepared to handle any emergency. Walker says they can handle anywhere from 100 to 7,000 people if necessary, but there is concern over residents being able to get to the comfort station.

"My biggest concern is people are going to be without power and they are just snowed in totally, some people will have to shelter-in-place, you know those who can make it without endangering their lives, we don’t want them to danger their lives trying to get here," tells James Applegate with the Red Cross.

Below if are some tips if you need to shelter-in-place:

– Bundle up in a room with few windows
– Keep a battery operated radio on to listen to weather updates
– Bring water, food and any necessary medicine into room
– Have a phone handy in case of an emergency

Applegate suggests if you are snowed into your home and cannot get to the shelter call your local fire department and they may be able to get you out and transport you to a shelter.



Katie Jeffries