Flowers For Valentine’s Day!

by Katie Jeffries on February 4, 2010 at 6:44 am

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and flower shops are busy handling orders, WHIZ’s Katie Jeffries has more.

Roses and chocolates are all the rage, but you don’t want flowers that are beige.

Red and pink are in this season, but the colors don’t have to have a reason.

"I would just say send the flower that you think is most beautiful to you and don’t worry about what the flowers signify as far as color is concerned.  They all signify that you care for the person so that is what I would go with," tells Greg Orofino, owner of Florafino’s.

Love and passion is in the air, so you can send your love a teddy bear.

When the delivery man sets the scene, all of your co-workers will see green.

"Some people try to hide, they get embarrassed with it, some people are all excited. A lot of times the people in the office are more excited than the recipient is because somebody has got something. It is pretty cool," tells Florafino’s delivery man, Tom Tewksbary.

Roses are red, violets are blue, WHIZ’s got flowers, how about you?

"Flowers are about the moment, that impact, that great smile and hug you are going to get when you give the flowers, so you give the flowers and then expect to have something in return, as far as, a big hug and a kiss type of thing," says Orofino.

When you get your flowers make sure to put them in water, because you don’t want wilting on those flowers you bought her.

There’s many options depending on what you want to pay to make your love smile on this Valentine’s Day!


Katie Jeffries