How Emergency Crews Respond in Inclement Weather

by Katie Jeffries on February 17, 2010 at 9:13 am

In the midst of snow storms emergency crews find themselves out on very treacherous roads.

But they must always answer the call for help,so when bad weather rolls in there are a number of precautions the fire department takes. First, a supervisor drives the different roads to find trouble spots to report the the city. The fire department keeps strong treads on their tires and also uses a different form of tire chains.

"We have what we call drop down chains and this is an electrically operated device, it is controlled by the driver of the vehicle where they activate a switch and a rolling tire chain falls down," tells Zanesville Fire Chief Dave Lacy.

Having drop down chains saves the fire department the time it would take to use traditional chains. The fire department also works closely with the city road crews.

"To where they can get out and assist us with getting to the scene or once we get to the scene and start spilling water and spraying water and create ice situations, it is just remarkable the job our city crews do," says Chief Lacy.

Fire Chief Lacy says this snow is some of the worst he has seen in 30 years. The snow can slow their response time, but so far there has been no emergency they couldn’t respond too.


Katie Jeffries