Library Phone Survey

by Emily Baird on February 1, 2010 at 7:24 am

Thanks to money from the November levy, the Muskingum County Library System will see funding restored, starting in March, and it is trying to figure out what the people of Muskingum County want the money to go toward.

So, it sought an outside firm that is conducting phone surveys with 300 registered voters in the county.

"The phone survey is asking what kinds of hours, what kinds of programs, what kinds of services and resources would encourage people to continue to use the library or use it for the first time, " says Library Public Relations Director, Blair Tom.

Tom says one issue is really important to the library system.

"We want to restore hours at over six libraries, but we want people to understand to get those hours back, we don’t have to go back exactly as they were before. We want to know when is most convenient in today’s lifestyles, " says Tom.

Tom says the intent is to reach out to both library users and those who have yet to experience what the library system is all about.