Lottery Ticket Changes Teen’s LIfe

by Katie Jeffries on February 12, 2010 at 6:24 am

A $5 scratch off lottery ticket has changed the life of one local teenager

Mother Tuckers off Sharon Avenue in Zanesville sold a $25,000 Supercash, lottery ticket. The winner is 19-year-old Andrew Tipton and he has big plans for the money.

"He said I am going to get a house, put some away and I am going to get my life started. He said being 19 and being young he said he is going to do it both ways, very smart," tells Jimmy Pitcock the manager at Mother Tuckers.

Pitcock says it is the biggest win he has ever seen. But lately Mother Tuckers has been on quite a hot streak with winning tickets.

"I think just in the last week alone we have had at least 7 winners of at least $500 or more and I don’t know, something is going on down here, I think they are hot," says Pitcock.

Pitcock says at first he thought the Tipton was kidding. But after seeing the ticket he helped him get in contact with lottery officials in Columbus. Pitcock says Tipton kept saying he felt like he was dreaming.



Katie Jeffries