Lutz Says Code Red A Success

by Emily Baird on February 8, 2010 at 5:52 am

It’s the first time Muskingum County residents have seen a Code Red issued during a winter storm.

Sheriff, Matt Lutz, says his office keeps a number of things under advisement before making that call.

"After I talked with our engineer, Doug Davis, their guys had been out all day. They were getting ready to take a break because they were not able to keep up with the weather. So, we decided right around nine o’clock that we needed to be under condition red. So, we could eliminate some unnecessary traffic on roadways, " says Lutz.

Code Red means it’s recommended that only law enforcement, emergency personnel, and road crews be out on the roadways, and Lutz, says most people followed that warning.

"I wouldn’t say there was a lot of vehicles out. There was still some out. Again, we didn’t have many major accidents as far as injuries. We had our normal fender benders, sliding into ditches, and slinding into the yards, " says Lutz.

Yet, Lutz says his office didn’t issue any driving citations for those accidents during the storm.