Mailboxes a Casualty of Street Clearing

by Katie Jeffries on February 10, 2010 at 3:43 am

With the recent heavy snow, Mailboxes can become a casualty when plows clear the roads.

It’s often not the actual plow that knocks over mailboxes. The force of the snow being thrown from the plow can be heavy enough to snap the mailbox post.  You can get your mailbox replaced, but you need to speak to the correct department. If you live on a State Route or US Route contact your local Ohio Department of Transportation county garage. ODOT Spokeswoman, Kate Stickle, says ODOT will determine if one of their trucks actually plowed the road and then they will replace your mailbox with a standard box and post. If you live on a residential or city street, a claim can be made with the Clerk of Council at city hall.



Katie Jeffries