Musk. Co. Republicans Choose Candidates

by Katie Jeffries on February 3, 2010 at 9:26 am

The primary elections are months away, but Muskingum County is deciding which Republican candidates will get its support.

More than 200 members of the Muskingum County Republicans Club packed into Bryan’s Place in downtown Zanesville to vote on candidates.

"Frankly we look for good citizens, people who are hard working, they are dedicated to doing their job and what is good for the general public and you know will carry out what they have talked about," says Pat Hennessey, County Chairman.

Each candidate was able to give a speech and meet with club members before they voted. An endorsement from the Muskingum County Republicans is very important to local candidates because they will have more access to funding for their campaigns. Hennessey says it is important that residents get involved in the political process.

"We are the ones who are making the decisions on who we elect to carry out our hopes and what we want to happen in our society and to carry on the United States and do the things that we need to be doing," says Hennessey.

Below is a complete list of Republican Candidates:


U.S. Senator

Rob Portman



– Fred Dailey

-Bob Gibbs

-Hombre Liggett

-Jeanette Moll



Governor/ Lt. Governor

-John Kasich/ Mary Taylor

Auditor of State

-David Yost

Secretary of State

-John Husted

Treasurer of State

-Josh Mandel

State Representative

-Troy Balderson

Supreme Court Justice

-Maureen O’Connor

-Judith Ann Lanzinger



County Commissioners

-John Parker

-James Porter

County Auditor

-Debra J. Nye

County Court Judge

-Jay F. Vinsel

Common Pleas Court Judge

-Kelly J. Cottrill



Katie Jeffries