New Floodplain Maps

by Emily Baird on February 16, 2010 at 6:43 am

FEMA is re-working its floodplain map.

That means Muskingum County has to adopt the new maps through hearings and resolutions so they can be used in the county. They will become legal and official in July.

"What’s happening is there’s areas that haven’t been floodplain before that will be floodplain, and there’s areas that are in the floodplain under current mapping that will come out of the floodplain, " says floodplain administrator for the county, James Waymer.

Residents in areas that will become floodplains need to take notice because they will have to buy floodplain insurance if homeowners have a mortgage. Waymer says his office has seen the insurance cost as much as three thousand dollars.