ODOT Ready for Snow Storm

by Katie Jeffries on February 4, 2010 at 6:31 am

The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning for our area and the Ohio Department of Transporation says its road ready.

ODOT spokeswoman, Kate Stickle, says the rain predicted to hit before the snow is causing a minor problem.

"But this storm is unique, it is forecasted in that it will be rain before the snow hits so we wont be brining because the snow would wash off the brine," says Stickle.

But ODOT is readying their snow plows with a salt and agrigate mix. The mix is more cost effective and it helps drivers gain more traction. Plow drivers will be out in full force, but Stickle says drivers shouldn’t crowd the plows.

"The drivers are trying to do their job with plowing the roadways, but if motorists are crowding the plow or trying to pass the plow they can’t do their job as easy," tells Stickle.

Stickle says ODOT has been monitoring the storm since Thursday morning and she advises drivers to slow down and take it easy on snowy roadways. Also, ODOT has plenty of salt in their supply to battle the snow storm.



Katie Jeffries