ODOT Trying to Keep up with Snow

by Emily Baird on February 15, 2010 at 6:48 am

Since February 1st, ODOT has used more than 2,400 hours of manpower, 16,000 tons of brine, and 18,000 tons of other materials to treat roadways.

It has about 20-crews working 12 hour shifts that are trying to keep the roads clear.

"They had a very tedious job of the snowflakes coming at them, especially when there’s larger snowflakes or wind involved with the shifting of the flakes. There’s whiteouts they can come into. So, it is very hard on them, but they are good and dedicated crews, " says ODOT spokeswoman Kate Stickle.

Motorists can check road conditions on the interstate, US routes, and state routes by visiting buckeyetraffic.org. Stickle is also asking motorists to check a few things before traveling.

"It’s very important for motorists to turn their headlights on, to clean their vehicles off before they get on the roadways, so they have the ability to see where they are going, " says Stickle.

Stickle is asking drivers to take it slow.

ODOT is ordering more salt to fill its bin, located on the East Pike. That will put the salt supply at 50 percent capacity.