Ohio School Vouchers

by Emily Baird on February 1, 2010 at 9:50 am

The Educational Choice Scholarship Pilot Program is opening enrollment, and it could offer a great learning opportunity to about 90 thousand students across the state of Ohio.

In order to be considered, your school has to be under academic watch or academic emergency.

"Parents of students in the building that qualify can pull their kid to a community school or charter school, " says Zanesville City Schools’ Anthony Reese.

Two Zanesville city schools’ buildings qualify, including Wilson Elementary School and National Road Elementary School.

The scholarship will pay for the private school’s tuition, but it will not include other fees, such as registration and course materials.

"Enrolling doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll participate. That has to be reviewed by the state as well as the local school district, " says Reese.

The enrollment deadline is April 16th.