People Stock Up on Snow Supplies

by Katie Jeffries on February 4, 2010 at 6:41 am

While the professionals are out treating the roads, there are things you can do to battle the snow at home.

The Sunrise Do It Center on East Pike says it has seen a definite increase in the amount of people stocking up on the winter essentials.

"Stock up on ice melter and rock salt.  The ice melter is more for concrete, the rock salt is more for a general away from the house type thing," tells Dennis Baldwin a salesman with the Sunrise Do It Center.

Baldwin suggests that residents don’t wait to get supplies.  It is better to be prepared once the snow starts falling. There are also supplies that you can put in your car to help you if you get stuck on the roads.

"We have what is called tube sand which is like 60 lbs weights they can put in the trunk of their car they could probably keep ice melter or something in the trunk of their car if they want it to melt," tells Baldwin.

If needed, you can cut open the tube sand bags and put it under your tires for traction. Baldwin says he believes the most important item to have in a snow storm is ice melter.



Katie Jeffries