Power Outages Leave Some Residents Hungry

by Katie Jeffries on February 6, 2010 at 3:45 am

The power outages left many without a way to make any food, so restaurants with power like Tee Jay’s on Maple Avenue were packed with hungry people.

General manager, Jim Shields, says he never expected to see this many people and even let some workers go home early. Some customers avoided the roads and walked to Tee Jay’s while others drove carefully under the code red roads.

"Most of them say the roads are not bad here in town, it is outside of town that are having all the problems," says Jim Shields.

Shields says due to the roads he even had to help some of his employees get to work Saturday morning.

"Well I had to go pick up a couple of them, but the rest of them made it on their own and then some of them did call off, we have had four of them call off because they couldn’t make it in," says Shields.

Shields says some of the convience and grocery stores in the north end of Zanesville lost power Saturday morning as well which may have contributed to Tee Jay’s dramatic increase in customers during the snowy weather.


Katie Jeffries