Red Cross Relief Fund in Red

by Emily Baird on February 1, 2010 at 7:26 am

The Muskingum Valley Red Cross says it has responded to 39 local fires since July 1st of last year, and 25 people have suffered from eight fires in January alone.

Readiness and Development Coordinator, Keely Warden, says that number rivals the halfway mark of fires the organization dealt with this time last year.

"We are ahead of the pace, and we are a little bit worried about where we are going, " says Warden.

The Red Cross’ Disaster Relief Fund is in the red too, but Warden says the organization always manages to keep a couple of thousand dollars in there by cutting funds elsewhere.

She says part of the reason why the fund is so low is because donations are typically down throughout January and February, and Warden says more people are donating their money to the haiti relief effort.

If you do wish to donate money to the Muskingum Valley Red Cross, it’s important to include one important piece of information.

"Right now, donor intent is crucial. If somebody is donating, we just need them to note in their memo where they want their donation to go. If they want it to stay local or if they want it to move on to Haiti, " says Warden.

Warden says any monetary donation will help local people and the people of Haiti, and she wants to add that the community’s response to this natural disaster has been overwhelming.