Residents Continue to Dig Out

by Katie Jeffries on February 6, 2010 at 3:57 am

Now that our area has nearly a foot of snow on the ground, residents are starting the process of digging out.

Even though the snow was still coming down, residents were out with shovels to try and clear their walkways and driveways. Many have lived in Zanesville their whole life and say while this snow is a mess, they have seen worse.

"I have seen this much before, more times than one. I was here for the blizzard in ’76, the one where you couldn’t get nowhere," tells William Lackey of Zanesville.

"You know, I remember one time in April we got like 20 something inches of snow, it snowed that morning and melted by the afternoon. So I have never seen anything like this where it just won’t quit," tells Sandy Rittberger, also from Zanesville.

Clevus Mullins and his dog, Button, took a walk in the snow Saturday morning and while Clevus is not a fan of the snow, Button loves to play in it.

"Yes he loves the snow, he’s about the only one in my family that likes the snow anyway," tells Clevus Mullins.

Mullins says when it snows like this he is making an effort to just stay home and off the roads.


Katie Jeffries