Sculpture to Be Unveiled at Lincoln Luncheon

by Emily Baird on February 8, 2010 at 5:54 am

Members of the Putnam Underground Railroad Education Center will be unveiling a new sculpture that was composed by a local artist at its Lincoln Luncheon this Friday.

WHIZ was able to get a peek of it, which captures Sojourner Truth’s features.

Marilyn Westgerdes was the chosen artist and says it took about three weeks to compose.

"A little bit of research, some photos-looked at some photos-did some sketching, figured out proportion on the face, and expression of the face, " says Westgerdes.

Westgerdes made it by adding clay to a base. Then she casted it in hydrostone and used a metallic glaze to finish the piece.

She says she was honored to be the chosen artist.

"It’s wonderful to have a commission offered that’s fun to do. That’s interesting to research and enjoyable to sit with for days on end and work on, " says Westgerdes.

Westgerdes also composed a sculpture of Harriett Tubman for the Putman Underground Railroad Education Center.