Snow Causing Roof Collapse

by Audry Kensicki on February 19, 2010 at 3:55 am

The snow has gone from being something beautiful to look at to something that may cause serious problems for your home or business.

The weight of the snow and ice around Southeastern Ohio is causing some roofs to collapse.

City of Zanesville Building Inspector Tim Smith says spread out snowfall shouldn’t be a problem.

"it’s when you get concentrated loads, when it drifts into valleys or around dormers," said Smith. "Or in the case of a church, all the roof load slipped onto a lower roof."

Icicles can also be a hazard. Smith said sometimes ice forms around cables attached to homes.

"Its a big concern," he said. "If that’s an older cable, the water could be penetrating that. You could have some electrifying of that ice. We certainly don’t want people knocking that away from the service cable."

If there are no electrical wires around the icicles, knocking some of them down will help release some weight from gutters.

Smith does not recommend getting on top of your home to scrape off snow, but says to do it safely from the ground. The additional body weight on a roof could also cause a collapse.