Snow Slows Mail Delivery

by Emily Baird on February 9, 2010 at 6:12 am

A combination of last Friday’s winter storm and this one is slowing down mail delivery.

Zanesville Postmaster, Steve Williams, says it has been affecting mail transportation from Columbus to here. Once the mail gets into Zanesville, then it has become difficult to distribute it to the residents. Williams says mail delivery trucks can’t make it down certain streets without getting stuck, and mail carriers are having a hard time walking over snow mounds on foot.

"I’m sure their legs are certainly tired, but being a former carrier, I know what they’re going through, and these carriers are very dedicated. They show up for work, and you can imagine going out there with a 35 pound bag on your back and trudging through that snow, " says Williams.

To help carriers out, Williams is asking that you shovel, plow, or salt a path for them to reach your door.