Snow Tightening City Budget

by Emily Baird on February 16, 2010 at 6:39 am

Zanesville city crews are attempting to clear the roadways after the third winter storm we’ve had in about a week and a half, and Public Service Director, Mike Sims, says the side roads are becoming a challenge.

"Just because of the extreme amount of snow and what we plowed two or three weeks ago is now frozen into moguls. The trucks are even having a difficult time moving it, " says Sims.

Another reason is people parking their cars on the roadways because they have no other place to put them.

Sim says crews are also running into the problem of where to put all this snow. If snow totals continue to rise this month, he says a last resort is trucking the snow to a designated location.

"That doubles our fuel usage. It doubles out man hours. It will require us to pull more divisions into play with the extra dump trucks to assist, " says Sims.

The street department is already running into problems with its budget. Workers’ overtime combined with ordering more salt has eaten the department’s winter budget and already gone over into the maintenance budget, which is used during the other nine months of the year. Sims says that could affect how the street department handles pot hole repairs, removing summer storm damage from roadways, and fall leaf pick-up the rest of the year.