Snowfall Much Harsher Than Years Past

by Katie Jeffries on February 28, 2010 at 5:23 am

What began as winter wonderland is beginning to wear on the patience of many residents.

The constant flurry of snow and freezing temperatures are harsher this year than the ice and mild snowfall of last year.

"I think this is worse, we have had a lot of snow, deep snow, and the cold weather we have had some really low temperatures that affected us also," says Mike Liston.

"I say it has been a dramatic change since last year. Last year we had some stuff not a whole lot this year, I believe has been a total opposite, a turn around and I find it a bit shocking and the same time kind of exciting," says Robert Durham.

For some it brought back memories of the blizzard of 1978.

"We had deeper snow and it stayed all winter, actually til the end of April when it all melted and it was very cold, 10 and 20 below at times. So it was a bad winter, but this one as far as snow being measurable when you get older, you don’t like it as well," says Paul Voitko as he remembers the blizzard of ’78.

But for the young, it is the stuff memories are made of.

"He learned what an inner tube was from the old days, Not the blow up ones, but the actual tire inner tube," says Liston about his young son.

"I love a lot of snow. The town I used to live in you had to walk to school and there would a foot of snow on the ground, so I am used to a lot of snow," says Karis French.

But many residents say they are crossing their fingers that spring is around the corner.