Storms Cripple Snow-Fighting Supplies

by Audry Kensicki on February 18, 2010 at 2:42 am

Most everyone throughout Ohio has been able to dig out after the three winter storms swept through the state, but stores selling those supplies are still recovering.

Dennis baldwin of the Do-It Center on the East Pike said their supplies are running low.

"We are out of almost everything except rock salt," he said. "Our warehouses don’t have anything we can buy like shovels and ice melt. We can’t even get sleds for the kids. Last week we tried to get some kerosene heaters, but we couldn’t get any. But hopefully we’ll have some reserved for this weekend."

Baldwin says the store only has rock salt and tube sand, and for some people that’s not enough.

"They’ve been coming and calling in for snow shovels mostly," said Baldwin. "That’s the first thing we ran out of. We’ve gotten a lot of calls and they’ve tried other places and they can’t find it there and they can’t get it here."

Baldwin said it is unusal for warehouses to be out of these supplies, but the severe winter weather on the east coast combined with Ohio’s own storms is causing a very high demand.