Strawberry Shortage Means Higher Prices

by Emily Baird on February 22, 2010 at 5:52 am

The deep freeze that affected much of the eastern United States in January is hurting the Florida strawberry crop.

Pick ‘N’ Save says it is already feeling the affects of a shortage, which will in turn affect the supply of the strawberry crop at grocery stores locally.

"Some of the crop that we had booked in from Florida was cancelled out. We had to go through the Mexican crop. Florida has less than half the crop that they were setting on a year ago. The cost has more than doubled for the same product, " says store manager, Rich Daugherty.

Daugherty says California’s strawberry crop isn’t any better because of the eight inches of rain the area has received. So, customers are going to have to pay more than they’re used to seeing this time of year if they want to put strawberries in their grocery carts.

"This time of year, anywhere from $2 to $2.29, $2.30. I’d hate to speculate what the cost is going to be, " says Daugherty,

However, Daugherty does expect a price hike to take place soon, which will also affect products that contain strawberries, such as jams, juices, and fruit cups.